A winter Wedding can be perfect if you’re looking for a magical atmosphere with twinkling lights and the nights drawing in so we have a few tips on how to prepare and make your winter wedding a wonderland.

Visit your Venue at Night – most venues will opt to take you round during the day, there is nothing wrong with this but remember in the winter the days are a lot shorter and a lot of your wedding day will fall under darkness. Check out the vibe at night, plan what lighting you can use or add. Also ask your photographer to look at your venue at night so they can plan their shots.

Consider the same venue for your ceremony and reception – this will solve a lot of your travel worries, especially during the height of winter with possible snow and ice, its safer having all yourself and all your guess under one roof for the whole day.

Check out the venues heating – your venue will be experienced in getting the heating right but if you decide on a barn or marquee you need to make sure your guests stay warm and cosy. Ask if they have any outdoor heaters and if not source a company that can. Also, make sure you tell your guests to bring warm clothing.

Check the decorations – if your wedding falls before or just after Christmas then your venue will have a magical look without you even needing to add anything extra, maybe they will fit with your theme but if not make sure the venue will remove them.

Sneak in extra heat and layer up – if you’re wearing a dress where your legs are not visible then wear some tights, handwarmers are also great as well as layering with stoles or jackets.

Candles are your best friends – candles automatically create a romantic mood and once it gets dark candles in centrepieces or even led lanterns lining your aisle.

Coat Check – with everyone bringing coats a coat check is a great idea for everyone’s belongings to stay safe and out the way.

Add some warm touches – baskets of pashminas or blankets round your reception will be well received by your guests especially when it starts getting later.

Don’t forget the Mulled Wine – a warming glass on arrival and throughout the day/evening will be a great way to warm everyone up and add some winter wonderland vibes to your day.

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