As much as planning your wedding is a personal thing, some people decide to use a wedding planner to remove all stress from the big day. They can negotiate your venue, caterers and arrange all your appointments. Your wedding planner can also offer advice on colour schemes, dress styles and everything in between, they can help keep your wedding within your budget and make everything flow flawlessly.



Your wedding is a personal thing, and the right person is important so what questions do you need to ask when starting the process?


What services do you offer? – Wedding planning roles can very drastically, and wedding planners have different levels of involvement. Some just deal with the logistics and others have a very creative, hands on approach. Most people opt for a planner to ensure everything on the days run smoothly. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you want.


How Much do you charge for your services? – Once you have chosen the right package for your requirements you need to discuss pricing, Wedding planners are very aware that all weddings are planned to tight budgets and they will explain how they charge, per the hour, a flat rate, or a percentage of the entire wedding cost.

If your original package choice is out of your budget, then ask whether you an alter and change to suit.


How many weddings have you planned? – We all believe that everyone needs to start somewhere but with a planner we suggest choosing someone that has a couple of weddings under there belt. This would reassure you that if anything went wrong your planner has the contacts to be able to put right with minimal disruption. As much experience as possible ensures your big day will run as smoothly as possible.


Please can we look at a portfolio and references? – with everything we purchase nowadays we like to see reviews or references, unfortunately being cynical with these things will help you. Some people may upsell their experience and you need to protect yourself by doing your homework. Ask if you can speak to past brides and suppliers. An experienced planner will have no issue with you contacting these people for references.

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