A vital part of wedding planning is ensuring you have an effective and clear way of letting your guests know all the important details relating to your wedding. We’re talking dates, times, dress code, venue, accommodation and more!


A wedding website is a personalised website that you can create online to keep all the details of your wedding day in one place. Think of it like a central hub for all things wedding related that your guests will need to know.


Ideally you want to be making a wedding website at least six months before the wedding if you want it to be useful to you. This will give you time to organise your RSVPs and give your guests lots of notice.


So, we have the top 7 benefits for having a Wedding Website.


1 – Keep your information organised – no mis communication or Chinese whispers here, a website can be precise and detailed with all the information you want your guests to know.

2 – They can save you money – Invitations and postage can cost a small fortune. You can create a personalised website free of charge and it can still be as special as physical invitations.

3 – Makes changing plans easy – Sudden change of plans or last-minute update that you need to share? With a wedding website, that’s no problem. Instead of trying to contact your guests individually, you can simply pop on to your site and make the changes. 

4 – Convenient for guests – nowadays everyone has a phone, tablet or laptop making checking a website simple, it also means you don’t need to worry your guests will remember to rsvp or even received there invite in the first place. It also stops the continuous questions guests might have. Keep all your need to knows in one place.

5 – They track RSVPs – If you’re having a large guest list, or even an intimate one, tracking who can attend your wedding can be a nightmare. Make your life easier with a wedding website, where guests will be able to confirm their attendance simply by typing their name in

6 – Help to build excitement for the big day – having somewhere people can check daily makes the event even more exciting. It also creates some additional excitement between you and your partner as you put the site together and see all your plans coming together.

7 – You can reminisce about your big day – After the wedding day it’ll be amazing to have your wedding website to look back over and cherish forever. You can post photographs from the special day in there, plus it even has a guestbook so your friends and family can share their well-wishes for the happy couple.

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