Every Bride wants beautiful wedding photos to document the big day and keep to show everyone for years to come. 

But finding the right photographer is hard and we don’t suggest you choose one based solely on price.

We have put together some tips to make sure your photographs are beautiful and exactly what you want by avoiding some simple mistakes

Printing Your Photos – Everything nowadays is online and we automatically think when things are sent to the cloud they are safe, but we suggest printing copies and using the traditional wedding album to keep your precious memories. Ask your photographer whether this is an additional service they can provide or suggest someone who can do the job.

Make Introductions – On your big day there is a number of key people such as bridesmaids, grooms parents as well as the brides parents.  Introduce your photographer to all these people so they know the most important people and they wont be missed from any photos, it also gives your photographer an idea of what you want to include and what not.

Pre Wedding Photoshoots – Many couples like the whole event filmed, but a lot also like pre wedding photoshoots such as the engagement, This is a great way to meet your photographer before the big day. Run through what you want, your running order and ask all the questions before the day.

Experience – It’s very easy to be swayed by the price but check your photographer has shot weddings previously. Ask to see portfolios, you don’t want your wedding to be an experiment for a new photographer. Also ask for references so if you want you can speak to other couples and see how everything went from communication, the event and how long images took to come through.

Don’t Rush – As the excitement grows its easy to want to rush down the aisle. Remember doing things at a steady pace means the photographer actually gets chance to grab those precious moments.

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