Planning a wedding can feel like you need some degree in Maths, we all know the average spend on a wedding can run into the £1000’s but this doesn’t mean you have to spend anywhere near.


There are plenty of budget hacks out there to cut the costs but still get day you crave for.


DIY Your Wedding – Might sound a bit daunting but making wedding decorations and favours yourself can be as easy or hard as you make it, you might even have some craft friends who can offer a hand. If you’re not overly confident you have an artistic streak, then make sure when you look for decorations you compare the prices from many suppliers to get the best price.


You Don’t Have to Follow Tradition – A lot of us still believe we must include certain elements because its tradition, for instance you don’t need a garter and not all guests need to receive a wedding favour. Your also not obligated to toss your bouquet – especially if you spent a lot on it.


Is it important? – We are always inundated with amazing images on Instagram, and we can get caught up in a whirlwind of very expensive ideas we don’t need. Don’t get caught up thinking what your guests will expect and what likes you might get on Instagram; your wedding is so much more than that.


Wedding Websites – Create one and skip invitations, surprisingly expensive stationary nowadays is not the go to way to invite your guests.

7 or 8 Tiers – A wedding cake can cost a small fortune and not everyone likes cake, try a smaller cutting cake for the photos and offer brownies or cupcakes to the guests.


Time of year – If you can compromise have your wedding in winter or midweek, you can get some real steals on pricing at venues for these times as they not automatically every bride’s number one choice.


Shop Online – We all do it and weddings shouldn’t be any different, compare prices and suppliers, look at styles, colours, and themes. Narrow down what you want before you start spending. Just because you are looking online doesn’t mean you can get advice or ask questions from those companies.


The best way overall to save money and spend wisely is to plan, plan, plan. Don’t go with what its expected and make sure your big day reflects your personalities.

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