We have seen many trends come and go for wedding ideas and 2022 has created a new set of trends that might not suit everyone. Due to Covid and everyone having plenty of time to evaluate there lives and decisions some of the trends we are seeing seem somewhat unique!


Alcohol Free Zone? Many people believe the glass of celebration bubbly and open bar is key to making a reception go with a bang! Many couples are now starting to look at alcohol free receptions or offering alcohol alternative options. With tasty and inviting ‘Mocktails’ available nowadays it makes not having alcohol a breeze and we are starting to see many brands start delivering these alternatives.


Unique entertainment – Live bands are a great idea at a reception, but many couples are starting to look at creating adult playgrounds such as axe throwers, circus performers and even bouncy castles. Letting your hair down in an innocent childlike manner is really starting to be more of an option then not.


Upcycled Fashion – This is not something new in everyday life but when it comes to occasion wear a few brave people are breaking the mould and incorporating upcycled items into their wedding looks.


Wedding Creches – Yes, the age-old question do you let children to your wedding and reception? As much as a child free event sounds wonderful its usually not very popular and might mean many of your guests can’t attend. Why not create a wedding creche with children’s separate entertainment?


Vegan Food – During lockdowns people became a lot more conscious about diets and alcohol intake many people turned to veganism. As we all know with wedding meals, we should be offering multiple options but there is an argument to go and try your caterer’s vegan and vegetarian options – you will be pleasantly surprised.


A sensory Experience – We all love good music and nice scents so adding these small ideas to a venue can really enhance your wedding reception. For example, scented candles on tables or even as wedding favours. You can even have scented stationary! Food that is visually appealing as well as tasty like using unusual ingredients.

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