When we think of colours and weddings we automatically think of flowers, dresses, and venue décor. So, what are the predicted colour trends of 2022 and could they be colours to suit your desired theme? This years expected colours are more rustic and pastel, can be mixed and matched easily across flowers, dresses and even nail varnish colours.

The 2022 pantone colour of the year is Very Peri. A shade of Blue with Violet undertones, this colour displays as carefree and would be ideal for bridesmaids’ dresses and spring weddings.


Other colours expected to trend this year – 

Guacamole – A rich green shade with yellow undertones, a colour to watch, that creates energy and makes a bold statement, perfect for end of summer, beginning of autumn weddings.

If you’re looking for a more rustic, countryside wedding then Earthy Browns could be on the cards, easily matched with all colours this could be a lovely scheme for a for a true country wedding.

Citron – A shade of yellow not extremely bright like a lemon colour but more edging towards a pastel colour, Ideal for bridesmaids dresses and flowers to add some energy and nature inspired tones. A colour suited for a romatic look without being to vibrant.

Soft Melon – Similar to a light pink but with orange undertones, it will bring warmth and femininity to flowers and table décor. We expect this colour to be popular this year and are looking forward to this shade hitting the catwalks.

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