You receive your invitation, and the first thoughts are, what do I wear?


Finding the perfect wedding outfit is difficult but a summer outfit can be a big dilemma, do you go for a short dress, Floral print, classic style or modern? If your wedding invitation has a dress code, then your all sorted but more and more couples choose to let there guests dress in what they feel comfortable in.


Can you wear Black? As much as we seem to associate black with funerals, this colour is acceptable to wear to a wedding especially if paired with bold colourful accessories, but if your worried what reaction you might receive then just ask, you never know If the couple have superstitions about the colour black. Black Shirt dresses with bright shoes and a statement clutch turns a scary outfit into a classy look if done correctly.

What about White? White has always been seen as the biggest faux par. We are all under the illusion that if you wear white you might be mistaken for the bride, and you don’t want to outshine the bride on her big day, but a white floral dress can be not only acceptable but create an on trend summer vibe. Just avoid plain white and full-length dresses.

So what is on trend this summer?

Long sleeved blue dresses really are rocking this year, simple elegance that does not draw to much attention but matched with some simple shoes and a clutch really does create an on trend wedding look.

Blue florals are perfect for countryside weddings especially if the venue is surrounded by flowering fields. A very feminine look that can be matched with simple accessories.

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