Weekday weddings are not automatically the first choice for many couples when planning the big day. However as well as some cons then are some pros that could be well worth considering.




Secure your dream venue – Many venues have lots of availability on weekdays meaning your dream venue could well become a reality.


Save Money – Many venues need a certain percentage of bookings throughout the year and will offer discounts to encourage people to book midweek. So, dream venue AND a discount? Win Win!


Smaller Guest List – Many couples will wish they can invite everyone, and the list can reach 100s and cost £1000’s. With a weekday wedding those decisions can me bade for you, a certain amount of your guests may not be able to attend due to work and kid commitments.




Can Everyone attend? – As well as some people needing to cut wedding lists a lot will be able to accommodate many people but with a weekday wedding a certain percentage of people may not be able to attend especially if they need to travel as this may require taking more then one day off.


Deliver to the same Level? Many brides will worry that a venue might not put the same level of attention into a weekday wedding then a weekend one, we personally think all venues will strive to deliver the same regardless.


Tough to Sort in a small timeframe – If you are planning your wedding sooner rather then later letting people know of a midweek wedding at short notice may mean your special guests can’t get the time off.

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