With Restrictions lifting and things slowly getting back to normal, you might be looking to book that perfect wedding in the sun. We have complied a list of all the things you might need to consider when you start this journey.


  • Think about where you would like to get married and investigate all the legalities.
  • Contact the relevant embassies to find out the exact requirements and necessary documentation.
  • Work out your budget including air fare, accommodation, fees etc.
  • If you are inviting guests, decide what you are going to pay for (and what they will need to pay for) and speak to them as soon as possible to find out who is interested.
  • Once you have a rough idea of numbers, choose your perfect wedding package and make your booking.
  • If you’re planning your wedding well in advance, you may even decide to visit the hotel/area/venue beforehand to make sure that it’s what you’re looking for, and to meet any managers or wedding coordinators.
  • Make sure your passports are up to date. Some countries require that you have at least six months left on your passport before it expires.
  • Get together any documentation and make sure that you fulfil all the legal requirements on the necessary dates.
  • Consider taking out wedding insurance.
  • When the booking is made, ask the venue who your contact will be and establish email communication with your wedding organiser.
  • Start shopping for your wedding dress and organise fittings.
  • Consider what you’re going to do for your honeymoon. This will obviously involve organising flights and accommodation so it’s wise to plan as soon as possible.
  • Send out Save the Date cards or invitations as early as possible as some of your guests may want to arrange their summer holidays around your wedding. Giving your guests as much notice as possible will help them as they will need to organise flights, accommodation, and days off from work.
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