Ok, so you might be feeling a bit stressed the night before your weeding, weeks upon weeks of endless planning and now the big day has arrived. Here’s some ideas to hep you relax and fully prepare.


Beauty Prep – Remove your make up, give yourself a facial, but make sure you only use products your used to to avoid any reactions or breakouts! Run a hot bubble bath and just enjoy.


Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine – As tempting as a glass of bubbles might be, try and avoid as well as caffeine, drink plenty of water and keep hydrated. Alcohol and caffeine will just elevate stress and anxiety levels and lead to a restless night.


Get an early night – You might well be feeling to excited to sleep, but resting and switching off will help. A good nights sleep will mean you wake up refreshed.


Hair and Nails – Wash your hair and do your nails, all time consuming things and best not to leave till you wake up, it will just add to the list of things you might want to do.


Prep the essentials – Make sure your go kit is ready with everything from lipstick, eyelash glue through to tissues, everything you might need for a make up mishap.


Eat something healthy – Again might be tempting to order a pizza but salty, greasy food can leave you bloated and also disrupt your sleep.


Watch a film – Get all your girls together and enjoy a film, something relaxing, It will take your mind of everything else even if just for a while.


Avoid wedding duties – The night before your wedding should be free of any wedding prep such as vows, keep this night free of all things wedding to stay relaxed and calm.


Lay everything out – Make sure you have all your accessories, shoes etc. laid out ready to go so your not hunting last minute for that pair of earrings

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