When it comes to your wedding you might be dreaming of stunning flower walls, a tiara fit for a princess and even dress changes throughout your day. but this comes with hefty price tags.


The last couple of years everyone has had to make changes and adjustments and  budgets might be a bit slimmer for weddings but it doesn’t mean you cant have your perfect day.


Here are some tips to consider when planning your wedding and making your budget stretch a little bit further.


Attend Wedding Shows – wedding shows really help with creating your lists and showing you what is available. Discounts and special offers are usually available on the day from some venues and suppliers.


Research online – looking and researching dresses, venues even down to stationary is a must, not just to compare pricing but also really tie up your details such as themes and colours. Many venues also offer discounts throughout the year for certain dates.


Skip Summer and Weekend Weddings – Venues will always charge more for certain times of the year as well as weekends, this is because this is the preferred choice for many, prices differ dramatically for mid week and winter weddings


Prioritise – You need to set your budgets then sit down and list the items that are priorities, once you have sorted these you will have a clearer view on what you have left for all the non essentials you dream of.


Keep up to date – most venues and suppliers will have email opt ins for newsletters and discounts so sign up to many as you can. the right offer might just be round the corner.


Hiring – its not just the marquees and tablecloths you can hire. diamond jewellery is a very expensive purchase but there are many suppliers who offer a hire service. So you can cut the cost but still have stunning diamonds




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