Choosing your maid of honor if you’re having one is a big decision, traditionally the maid of honor role carries responsibilities, so you need to make the perfect choice.


She needs to be a good listener and advisor, someone that will tell you the truth and share their opinions because your wedding day must be as important to them as it is to you.


To find that perfect person here are some duties the maid of honour will need to fulfil 

Pre-Wedding – Your maid of honor needs to be there from day 1 to help with aiding your decisions on everything from your colour scheme, venue, and cake, to registering for wedding gifts, organising transport and accommodation, visiting wedding fairs, attending rehearsals, dress shopping, and beyond.


Invitations and Guests – She might help you with writing your invitations then chasing all the stragglers for their RSVPs


Hen Party – She will be the one planning and arranging your hen party, so you need to make sure you have the right person who doesn’t lead your party astray


On The Day – She will be the one that’ takes care of you, making sure you have breakfast, drink plenty, calm those pre wedding nerves and most importantly help you into your dress. She will be the one making sure everything is where is should be and should really take charge – answering questions from the photographer, caterer, band etc. Your maid of honor sorts your dress before you walk down the aisle, when you reach the alter, hold your flowers, and usually keeps the grooms ring till you need it.


After the Ceremony – She will be the one that shows your guests to their seats, collect and keep tabs on the wedding gifts and its becoming more and more popular for the maid of honour to make a toast!


Post Wedding – The poor maid of honors job does not end that evening, whilst your away honeymooning she will ensure your gifts and wedding dress are stored safely So make sure you purchase this amazing person a gift to say the biggest thanks for helping you through the most beautiful but stressful day.

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