Invitations are the first glimpse your guests will get of your day, giving them an idea of what to expect. As such, your invites are the easy way to build anticipation. But Invites don’t need to break the back you can create beautiful invites at home with a little bit of DIY know how.


So what trends are we seeing for 2021?

Purple – both pastel and bright. It’s a versatile colour and can be used to create anything from nature-inspired stationery designs (lavender) to decadent glamour (indigo and plum).


Eco Friendly – With interest in ways to make weddings more sustainable growing, it makes sense to consider your stationery carefully in these terms. You could go entirely paper-free with digital invitations and a wedding website. But if you’re keen on the idea of printed invitations, you can make them more eco-friendly by choosing sustainably sourced, recycled card, as well as vegetable-based inks


Minimalist – It may not seem like pared-back invitations will reveal much about your wedding, but they’ll make it clear that the look of your big day will be all about contemporary elegance.


Watercolour but edgier – We normally associate watercolour with pastels, but the new trend is edgy glam using purples and blacks setting the tone for a contemporary wedding


Celestial – Look to the night skies for a different take on nature inspiration – we’re talking designs with stars, clouds, the moon, the Northern Lights. You could even add your and your husbands to be star signs to personalise


Subtle embellishments – not meaning oversized bows but maybe a personalised wax seal in light shades that will add some understated elegance


Art Deco – The fabulous theme from the 1920s is making a comeback not only in home furnishings but also wedding themes and invites, with its elegant Gatsby feel makes for a perfect themed wedding


70s Cool – Another retro era that’s making a comeback, not necessarily ideal for a Boho or garden wedding but perfect for a laidback celebration

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