With Summer and Autumn being the most popular times of year to have your weddings, winter and Christmas weddings are becoming more popular. This time of year, is magical but some couples are hesitant to incorporate Christmas into there wedding for fear it will turn into a Xmas knees up, but there are plenty of ways to subtly add Christmas to your wedding and we have some ideas.


A Kiss Under the Mistletoe – add a little touch of mistletoe above the alter or above the wedding table for a little more added romance to a beautiful day.


Add Christmas to your Bouquet – As we all know the most well-loved Christmas flowers are poinsettias, Add some along with some wild berries and some wintery greenery for an on-trend bouquet without all the singing and dancing. Add some sprigs of holly to your tables or around your venue for a more rustic but Christmassy feel.


Have Plenty of Xmas Treats – We all love Christmas but that doesn’t mean you want your big day swallowed with all the decs, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have plenty of festive treats – Hot cocoa, mint chocolates, warm apple cider and other sweet treats.


Go on a Xmas Walk – we don’t mean make your wedding party go on a hike, but maybe you and your loved ones can go on a lovely wintery walk and collect holly, wild berries, and pinecones for your tables or to even add to your table flowers. Pinecones are a great festive addition without it being over kill.


Wedding Car Dec’s – Why not add a wreath to the wedding car as a little nod to Xmas


Make it Snow – Forget the confetti and bubbles, why not hire a snow machine, and walk out into beautiful snow fall, an instant winter wonderland.


Add Some Plaid – Traditional festive colours and patterns such as green, red, and gold as well as plaid would look lovely. Crisp white linen with a plaid runners or even simple napkins will add a little hint to the season.

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