So, you have your budget, you have all your lists and think your sorted, But are you? there are some costs not always considered when planning a wedding or just little details simply overlooked. 

We have put together a list of such costs that might catch you out or didn’t make the budget list.


1 – Supplier Expenses – When booking any supplier such as the caterers or band check if they intend to charge extras like travel expenses or appearance fees, also check if the photographer for example will need feeding… this is an additional expense


2 – Postage – When sorting your wedding invites this might be done online but if your sending then you need to budget in the stamp costs.


3 – Hair and Make Up Trials – You will have added the expense of a hairdresser and make up artist in your budget. But check the additional costs for trial runs. At the end of the day these trial sessions are using there time and expertise.


4 – Admin Fees – Whatever type of wedding ceremony you’re having, there may well be some costs you haven’t considered yet. For a civil ceremony, for example, you have to pay to give notice, as well as for registrars’ fees and the cost of the wedding certificate. At a church wedding, there’s a set fee, but you may want extras such an organist, bell ringer or choir on top of this.


5 – Vat – Don’t just assume all quotes include VAT this can be quite a heft additional cost if you weren’t expecting it.


6 – Thank You Gifts – Whether you’re putting together gift bags for bridesmaids or ordering bouquets for parents, these are the types of expenses that need to go into your budget.


7 – Pre Wedding Treatments – From eyebrow tints and tanning to fringe trims, make sure you have a list of any beauty treatments you’re likely to want in the run-up to the big day.


8 – Extra Guests – Be prepared that there are some circumstances that may make you bump up your guest list as months go by after you’ve first sent the invitations.


9 – Insurance – Check exactly what each policy covers before making your choice – you want the most comprehensive policy your budget allows.


10 – Décor Set Up and Take Down – This may be something your doing yourself or even family. But if someone from your venue is going to take charge them check for these costs.


11 – Breakages – Fingers crossed this won’t happen, but if some of your guests get over-enthusiastic, there’s always the chance of some breakages or wine spillages – and you’ll be on the hook for these. 

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