After looking through all the beautiful designs available and seeing what the runways are offering, we have the predicted dress styles for 2022. It looks as if brides are going to be mixing elements of traditional and modern to their dresses.


Blending tradition and modern is certainly going to be on trend along with corset tops and square necklines so we have a few dresses we feel are going to capture brides throughout 2022.


Modern and Traditional – Jumpsuits with detachable trains offer some true modern design but keeping traditional elements.

Square Necklines – A modern take on the more traditional sweetheart necklines, square is flattering on most brides. It offers a sleek unfussy design and is becoming popular to regal shows such as Bridgerton.

Corset Tops – Becoming popular with more brides wanting to show off there figure, a corset top again adds a modern twist to a traditional gown but also showcases the amount of detail that can go into a dress.

Dresses with Embroidered Flowers – A really new concept and something we are looking forward to seeing, Gowns embroidered with beautiful colourful flowers would really make a Spring/Summer Wedding

Colourful Gowns – Again not a totally new concept but a lot of brides opt for something away from the traditional White and Ivory. A traditional style gown in a striking colour can really add that something different to your big day.

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