One of the first major steps to planning any wedding is to decide who is going to be in your wedding party which includes flower girls, but before you choose who you need to know the history.

The duty of your charming flower girls began in the roman empire, carrying a sheaf of wheat this was seen as gesture that would help the new couple prosper.

But how do you pick the right dresses?

You need to organize your thee first and then choosing a dress will be easy, history has shown us that mane brides still prefer their flower girls to be in white, but we are starting to see some colour and pattern be introduced.

Here’s a shortlist of some of the most popular styles this year. –



Lace Dresses – a timeless classic and one you will see at many weddings, choosing a dress with a hint of lace or head to toe is a very elegant style.

Coloured Dresses – A coloured dress will of course compliment your chosen palette. Dust rose adds a delicate touch while pale blues and pinks add that little hint of colour and femininity

Floral Prints – A floral print in a simple design really is starting to be a trend. Being a non-traditional choice also adds a modern look at a contemporary wedding.

Boho and casual Dresses – Romantic and effortless featuring lace, frills or ruffles adds a whimsical touch especially when paired with floral crowns. Perfectly suited for beach, country or garden party themed weddings

Long sleeve Dresses – adding a touch of luxury and elegance, a long sleeve is ideal for early autumn and winter weddings but a classic design that will stand the test of time.

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