The thought of choosing a prom dress can be as daunting as choosing a wedding or bridesmaid’s dress. So many cuts, sleeve types, lengths etc. The whole process can be overwhelming especially as prom is the first big event you will need to purchase a dress for.

We have put together a list of the most popular styles that we see being purchased for the big event.

Ball Room and A Line Dresses – Ball room is traditionally a dress with a large skirt that billows from the waist – a true princess style gown. Also, A Line is a dress that looks like an a when on the body – fitted at the top and falls outwards from the waist.

High Low Dresses – High low is a dress with hemline that is shorter in some areas, usually towards the front and longer at the back. Perfect for the girls who don’t want a full gown but something glamorous and a bit different.

Baby Doll – a baby doll typically is a dress that shorter and cute, fitted from the top with a flare skirt. Sometimes tied round the waist with a ribbon or belt to add some girly glam.

Halter – is a dress that’s nothing more than halter neck straps, versatile and easy to wear, usually more fitting with empire or a line dress. Ideal for the girl who wants a dress that has straps and creates a bit of modesty.

Modest and Simple – beautiful and modest, covering everything but adding some chic glamour to the girl who might not want to be the one standing out from the crowd.


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