With so many couples living together pre marriage the traditional gift registry is not really needed as they have no need for additional toasters and towels. So alternative wedding lists such as ‘Contribution Lists’ are becoming more and more popular

More and more people are asking for contributions toward special things the couple would like to do or buy such as –

Our first Dog

Deposit towards our new home

Contributions towards the honeymoon

Kitchen renovations

Experience days funds etc etc etc.

When your guests receive the invitation, they know automatically this requires purchasing a gift so are aware from the start,

Wedding registries are great for removing the stress from guests knowing what to buy and ensuring that you receive items you want.

But how do you ask for Cash?

There are lots of ways to ask for money as a wedding gift. Some couples choose to simply include a line in their wedding invitations.

In some cases, couples choose not to mention anything at all on their wedding invitations – it is widely accepted now that couples appreciate cash as a wedding gift so that is the default.

If you feel uncomfortable about being so direct in your wedding invitations, try including a fun little poem, that politely puts your wishes across to your guests a little less in your face

It is polite, if you are asking for cash, to let your guests know what the money will be used for. Some websites allow you to set up money gift lists. This can be the best of both worlds as it allows you to receive money to spend as you choose, but this lets your guests feel like they have bought you a proper gift.

Create a small wedding gift list for the people not comfortable giving you cash, maybe a family member wants to present you with something very personal so do not make it mandatory or sound like you will be hugely disappointed if someone chooses to gift something other than cash.

Most importantly the majority of your guests will want to be spending money on something you actually want so won’t be offended if you ask for cash!

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