So you have your date and venue and now you just need to decide who to invite. But who makes it onto the list?


 – Close friends

 – Family members

 – The Bridal party


But it might not be as straight forward as that. We have a few tips to make your bridal shower guest list only include those you want to be in attendance.



Only invite guests who are invited to your wedding otherwise this could be a little awkward as well as inappropriate. The only exception if you choose is if your having an office shower.


Keep it intimate – Don’t feel obliged to start inviting friends of friends because hints have been dropped. It needs to be your nearest and dearest to make it really special.


You decide the numbers – the host is the one that ultimately decides how many people she wants to invite, this may be down to venue size or cost. Don’t let others tell you how big your party should be.


Have more then one shower – It’s perfectly acceptable to have multiple bridal showers especially if you are concerned on offending people or want work friends involved but not necessarily at the same time as your close family.


Let others plan – it’s quite traditional to let the head bridesmaid plan the shower but be aware other female family members might want the opportunity. Maybe if a friend is planning, leave the guest list to just friends. If an Aunt is planning leave that party to family only.



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